Sunday, July 22, 2007

Florida to carry out death penalty

Source: Agencies

Gov. Crist ended a seven month moratorium on capital punishment.

Florida's governor Charlie Crist ordered the state's first death warrant seven months after capital punishment was suspended in Florida.

The death penalty is ordered against Mark D. Schwab, 38, convicted of killing an eleven year old boy. The sentence will be carried out on November 15th by lethal injection.

Schwab was convicted of kidnapping, rape, and first degree murder of Junny Rios-Martinez in 1992.

December last year another convicted murderer Angel N. Diaz was executed by lethal injection. The procedure did not go as smoothly as expected and Diaz required a second dose of injection. The procedure took 34 minutes.

After this incident Florida's governor of the time suspended all death penalties in the state.

During the period of suspension a commission was created to review how executions were carried out. The panel also asked for more training of executioners.

Florida started executing convicts with lethal injection in 2000 after an inmate's head caught fire during his electrocution.


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