Saturday, August 2, 2008

Woman who was once on death row


DAYTONA BEACH -- The last local woman to sit on Florida's death row was sentenced to life in prison today, after prosecutors said they were removing an intent to seek the death penalty for Virginia Larzelere.

Larzelere Larzelere, 55, was convicted in 1992 of being the mastermind behind the slaying a year earlier of her dentist husband in his Edgewater office. She was sentenced to die. Earlier this year, the Florida Supreme Court upheld a ruling that found Larzelere should get a new sentencing because her attorneys were ineffective.

Larzelere smiled today when she walked into Circuit Judge Joseph Will's courtroom. An attorney she has hired, Thomas Mott, said later he was exploring renewed efforts to prove her innocence.

Under the terms of her new sentence, Larzelere will be eligible for parole in 8 years.

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