Thursday, September 25, 2008

Willie Crain says he shouldn't be on death row

Starke, Florida - As he sits on death row convicted murderer Willie Crain says investigators targeted him from the moment they started questioning him. Crain says detective Albert Brackett said to him, "I'm going to get you. I don't care what I have to do. I'm going to get you."

That's how Crain describes how investigators acted while he was being questioned about the murder of 7-year-old Amanda Brown.

Although the little girl's body was never found, prosecutors convinced a jury that Crain, a convicted pedophile, took Amanda's body and disposed of it in one of his crab traps.

We told Crain, "Everybody is saying you killed Amanda." Crain says he is aware of what everyone is saying. He told us, "I know what they're saying. I was found guilty of it."

However, Crain says, "I'm not guilty."

Crain, who has an evidentiary hearing in December, says there are several problems with his conviction including the Miranda Warning.

Crain says nobody advised him of his Miranda rights.

Although detectives had Crain initial and sign a form consenting to search his truck and boat, they never had him initial the form saying he had been read his Miranda rights. Detective Mike Hurley testified he read them to Crain, who he said understood them and agreed to talk.

Crain says that's not true and the court never heard that. According to Crain, his attorney never brought it up.

And while the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office has always maintained it handled the case by the book as it was looking for a missing girl who they hoped to find alive, Crain says at least three times he asked for an attorney and the request was denied.

Crain says,"They're coming for me, they're screaming and yelling at me and they've got me up against the wall."

"Their nose is touching my nose and spit is coming running out of their face, hitting me in the face. I can't move."

According to Crain, he screamed," I want an attorney. I ain't talking to you no more." However, Crain says investigators told him, "You ain't getting no attorney."

Crain also contends there is a problem with the testimony of former FDLE serologist Theodore Yeshion. In a deposition, Yeshion was asked if he had a way to determine if there was, in fact, Amanda and Crain's blood on a toilet seat and Crain's shorts. Yeshion said the test he did does not, in fact, tell him he had blood. Yeshion adds that he can't state that scientifically, conclusively, that it is blood without doing additional tests. But in Court, Yeshion testified that blood stains from the toilet and the shorts were consistent with DNA from Amanda and Crain.

Crain says investigators also ignored a note found at a construction site saying:

"I have known Willie Crain for several years and he is a no good bastard. " The note goes on to say, " I wanted to get his [Crain's] ass for several years, but sorry you have the wrong man."

The writer says he killed Amanda and that she was still alive when he put her in the water and she is now at peace.

Crain says he wants the real person in prison where he is.

And while most believe Crain is the real person who killed Amanda Brown, he says he hopes to convince a judge in December that the wrong man is on death row. Crain says he is innocent.

But guilty or innocent, it is likely Crain, who has colon cancer and two other spots on his lungs, will not live long enough to prove his case or meet his date with the executioner.

Then, the only one he has to convince is a higher authority.

Mike Deeson, Tampa Bay's 10 News


Anonymous said...

What is this idiot Crain talking about...a note? If there was a note it was written by some other sicko for him. Nice try Willie. You know, the sad part is look how many times this man had charges against for harming a child, or children in the same county!! UUUHHH Hello Folks!! Something seem a little odd to you? Once I thought maybe it was the mothers fault for allowing a stranger to near her child... but then I saw all that Hillsborough County did NOT do in the past (from his past convictions in the same county) to protect any of our children in this world and uh well there ya go. Look at this mans profile picture. He looks like a damn elf with pointed ears, scrunched up face. Stop giving medical care to these bastards and let him suffer. So what he has cancer. So do many other good people who need medical attention and can not get it here in the good ole US of A. Let me tell you a little story. In the public library I would carry my child for "story time". It was clearly posted for children up to a certain age. Very young children and toddlers. There was a guy who was in the library each Tuesday at that time. He would approach the front counter to ask a question and then make an effort to move close to me. Fianlly one day he got next to me and said something. I turned and said what did you say. He kept walking. He did it again the next day. I said okay this guy is not only crazy he is for sure up to something. I watched him closely for about another couple of times going in for story time. Then one day for some (I feel really God took me there) reason I went to the sex offender list for my county. Not even thinking that I would see this guy and wasn't looking for him whatsoever. His photo jumped off the computer and into my face. I nearly fainted. I called the library and told them I neeed to come in and show them something. I called the police also. The police called his probation officer. After a short period of time I didn't see him listed local anymore and didn't look any further. A while ago I decided to see if he was in the prison of Florida system. Sure enough folks he is. After he left here he went to the coast of Florida. According to a newspaper on the internet he had made a girl at the age of eight perform oral sex on him years ago. She had tried to go through getting some mental help for years. Finally as an adult she blew the whistle on him. You see this was his second offense. He is in Florida prison now. You watch... I will follow this guy for years and then they will turn him out. He will offend again folks. When I had called the police they said I might have just saved some child. Looks like this creep has been at it a while now. We need him off our streets people. I wish I knew who this last victim was so I could call and thank her for telling what he did to her as a kid. He will end up like Crain and offend over and over until he kills some kid!!!! Oh yeah I forgot one time right after I turned this guy in I found his profile with is photo and a recorded voice message ... it was a singles dating website thing online. I sent an email to them advising them he was an offender in Florida. So I will leave you with that for thought!

Anonymous said...

i am related to him i know hes no good but everyone is putting in my opinion no one knows the real story but him and i think he should get what he deserves..

Monique said...

I dont care what he has to say I know he did it. Amanda was like a sister to me, not a day went by that we didnt spend together. When I first met Willie I thought he seemed nice. But Amanda told me that night she got a bad feeling about him, and I really didnt think any thing of it. I was still a child my self. I thought bad stuff like that couldnt happen to me or anyone I loved so I just brushed it off like it was nothing. But she asked me to stay with her that night and I said yes but my grandmother said no because she didnt know Willie. So i just said dont worry youll be ok. I told her I would come over the next day so we could go to the bus stop together. Little did I know tomorrow would never come for her. Not a day goes by that I dont think if I would have pushed a little harder my grandmother might have givin in and she might stil be here. I will never forgive Kathy for being so careless with her daughters life. Though I know she is paying for it now. I just cant help but think if she would have put her daughter first it woudnt have had to end like this. Its been 11 years and I still cry when I think of her. I love you Amanda!

Anonymous said...

RE: "Not a day goes by that I dont think if I would have pushed a little harder my grandmother might have givin in and she might stil be here."
Or maybe both of you would have been hurt. This means that you have a greater calling on your life. Maybe you were put here to do something to keep things like this from happening to another child? Just a thought. God Bless

Anonymous said...

This SOB made complete funeral arrangements for himself in , prior to his arrest !
He knew the HSD had the goods on him and he was looking at the death penalty . However it sounds as if karma caches up with this slimy soulless bastard .

Anonymous said...

I am related to him do not know if he killed the little girl but there are many things he has done he got away with he needs to be were he is he is evil and can still make people fear him

carol bradley said...

Everyday he sucks in air is a travesty for Amanda Brown.