Saturday, April 18, 2009

Third CCI officer charged in prisoner beating

Staff Writer

Another former Charlotte Correctional Institution employee was arrested Tuesday in connection to the December attack of an inmate.

Shaun Oppe, 29, was charged with battery on a prisoner and submitting a false statement, after a Florida Department of Corrections investigation concluded he used "unjustified and excessive physical force."

The alleged incident occurred Dec. 17, 2008, while the inmate received a psychological evaluation from the institution's head nurse.

According to the investigation, the prisoner was tackled and repeatedly punched by two other officers in the room.

Moments later, Oppe responded.

At that point, one of the officers reportedly told Oppe to "come get some." A co-worker testified that Oppe began kicking the inmate, who suffered multiple bruises, lacerations and scratches all over his face and body.

William George Langenbrunner, 30, and David Lee Cox, 32, were also charged in the attack. The men, along with Oppe, have been fired.

Following the incident, the nurse said one of the officers told her to "be careful what you say and write, because there are officers here that will find out where you live and what you drive," according to the report.

Oppe reportedly called one of the officers on scene several days later and said, "if we get all of our stories straight, we should be OK," the report stated.

He was released from the Charlotte County Jail on $3,500 bond.


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