Monday, May 4, 2009

Baez Wants Trial Moved To South Florida

Reported by Jacqueline Fell

ORLANDO -- Casey Anthony’s defense team filed a motion Monday to have her trial moved out of Orange County.

Jose Baez said the local media coverage has been unfair to his client.

The motion said since Anthony's first arrest, the case has received wide spread media attention.

The motion details how each station and newspaper have covered the case, including viewer polls asking viewers if they think the death penalty is appropriate.

Baez said all of the coverage has made the public have a negative opinion of Anthony and he thinks the trial should be moved to South Florida.

"All local news networks continue to report on all aspects of this case and public opinion continues to be heated and negative towards Casey Marie Anthony. Specifically blog sites in which users express their opinions on the facts of this case are readily accessible to all local internet users," Baez said.

His first choice is Miami-Dade County because it’s sufficiently removed for Central Florida.

Baez also thinks the population in Miami-Dade County offers a large, diverse enough jury pool.

He said there's significant flight activity in the county to handle more of the witnesses coming to town.

Judge Stan Strickland will decide on the change of venue request and where the trial will head if it does leave Orange County.

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