Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well Said: Florida Today Questions Legitimacy of Wolfinger Investigation

Yesterday, Florida Today’s editorial board asserted that the proposed Brevard State Attorney investigation into the John Preston cases does not go far enough as it is narrowly tailored to rape and murder cases where the defendant is still in prison.

We argued pretty much the same thing last week stating that the investigation should include any case that Preston even sneezed at and we wondered whether Wolfinger and his people can even be trusted to perform such an investigation considering that they have performed two such investigations in the past, one of which they approved of Preston’s work and the other they never found Bill Dillon’s case who was later exonerated.

A week has gone by and we still think that this investigation is more likely an attempt to make this whole mess go away now so it will not be politically inconvenient for Wolfinger as he begins another run for State Attorney.


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