Friday, September 4, 2009

Jury recommends death for Michael King

SARASOTA - A jury of 12 has decided unanimously that Michael King should be put to death for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Denise Lee. A judge will now use that recommendation for the final sentence.

Denise Lee's family says Michael King deserves exactly what he's getting; that the punishment fits the crime. Monday, a jury of 12 agreed. After three weeks, closing arguments were heard from both the prosecution and defense

After nearly three hours, the jury reached a decision. "Majority of the jury, by a vote of 12-0, advise and recommend to the court that it impose the death penalty upon defendant. So say we all, this fourth day of September, 2009, signed by the foreperson."

It's something Denise Lee's family has waited to hear. "Denise did an awesome job of putting him where he belongs in prison, and getting him sentenced to death. She took another piece of trash off the street. And I'm sorry for his son's loss...but our family is without Denise, and the boys are without their mother," said Denice's father, Rick Goff.

Her mother says Michael King is getting what he deserves. "King has been taken care of, and he's going to go to hell. We know Denise is in heaven."

Her husband Nathan Lee said he's ready for it all to be over. "Focusing on the boys and getting...moving on as a family and trying to start thinking happy things of Denise, and not having to listen to horrible evidence of things that happened to her. I want to get back to doing stuff like that."

Unfortunately, Friday's decision means that it's not over, because it is simply a recommendation for the judge; although generally, the judge usually agrees with the jury. In about three to four weeks, they will hold a Spencer Hearing, where they'll talk more about the evidence that wasn't presented in court. And then soon after that, Judge Deno Economou will make his final ruling.

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