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"Innocence Commission" Launched For Wisconsin

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From headlines like, "Innocent man released in Florida after 35 years of wrongful incarceration" to "UW Credit Union and UW Whitewater errors of $200 costs successful former volunteer SHAG Founder and University Alum 4 days in two holding cells without visitation and $500 plus in ‘ordinance’ violation fees," one has to wonder - what the hell??

James Bain holds no regrets as he was released from prison with over $1 million in required compensation for Polk County ruining the best part of his life. No apologies were made as he was released. Bain was 19 when Polk County Authorities pulled him out of his bed and dragged him to a field where a 9-year-old boy was violently raped. Five months later he was convicted to life in prison. 35 years later – oops - DNA confirmed his innocence.

His Jailers and appellate authorities ignored his numerous protests of innocence as well as his petitions for a review of the DNA evidence. I already covered the Walworth County actions on the SHAG Founder and UWW Alum in previous articles. Since 1989, 245 people have been set free. 35 years served by Bains holds the record for unnecessary and wrongful conviction.

A growing list of lawyers, community and family advocates in Wisconsin are saying, "Not on my watch" to the ridiculous and bold prosecution misconduct of trying to make criminals out of Innocents. The Innocence Committee wants to help stop innocents from entering the already obese, mind blowing expensive and painfully inefficient Judicial and criminal justice system. Because of this economy a few States are throwing out mandated prison terms for addicts. In my book, "Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures" I advocate all States abandon putting addicts, mentally ill, and innocents in prison. Once there some will never earn release due to the acting out nature of their illness. I also encourage the passage of Billy’s Law. Billy Smolinski, is a 31-year-old missing person who in 2004 disappeared in Connecticut. It is amazing but the two Justice Department databases for missing persons and unidentified remains are separate and the public can’t access information because some information is gross and they believe may give up too much information to make convictions later. Family Cures advocates combining the databases of the National Crime Information (NCI) and National Unidentified and Missing Person System (NamUs). Family Cures encourages clearing citizen helpers who can view the sites to assist in recovery efforts. Another Cure involves requiring police to report missing adults. Police need only report missing children not adults.

Organizers recognize former Candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court Attorney Joseph Sommers as an innocent who recently was told by the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) he is guilty. Sommers, a cash drained father of 12 will lose his Law License in Wisconsin for 30 days and more likely much longer until he pays OLR $92,000. Sommers's offense - brazenly exposing the misconduct of Humphrey and defending a teen eventually found Innocent of his criminal charges in a horrendous car accident. Despite the support of many friends and four Wisconsin State Journal articles supporting the allegations of misconduct by ADA Paul Humphrey in that case and dozens of others Sommers is protesting OLR’s decision.

It is becoming very difficult to report on all the Sham police, prosecution and judicial set up of innocents. I am taking the written set up and wrongdoing information that you send soon on my rehab website. Email me if you have trouble posting on the site. When innocents face false charges and are forced to plead out or face months of expensive defense, loss of integrity, and collapsing careers/businesses something needs to be done.

The Wisconsin Innocence Commission (WIC) plans to learn from the findings of the Seven States already sponsoring Innocence Panels or Commissions. I have analyzed that focusing on the long term incarcerated only is very frustrating to committee members. No one in the Judicial or corrections system wants to risk being made a fool by supporting the innocence of any convicted inmate. The long incarceration could have produced a real criminal by now or even a former innocent can be set up and convicted again. Anyone in the law enforcement or corrections field knows even a hint of previous wrongdoing makes for an easier set up conviction later on. Some law enforcers and Corrections personnel pile on charges like Banks today pile on mistakes and false penalty fees.

Therefore WIC will also focus on preventing innocents from entering the system in the first place. Pre trial and Pre incarcerated will receive quick action interventions to hopefully interface with prosecutors and law enforcement in determining innocence prior to conviction or incarceration. Darden Restaurant type ‘complete and tally’ evaluations of each step of the Justice experience will easily computerize major areas of low quality and impairment throughout the system. It is hoped that top District Attorneys will provide input and guidance as well. This system will not work without the approval of honest prosecutors.

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Remember to take the D.C. Everest High School of Wisconsin Pledge (Lacey's Law) to, "Never drive inebriated to keep our roads safe." This freshman class lost their friend Lacey to a drunk driver. They tried to get the Wisconsin lawmakers including the Governor to take the pledge. So far it seems they have failed. One lawmaker has five DUI's! The ninth graders are moving on to try to get teachers to take their pledge. – Good luck! I took their pledge even though I do not drink/drug.

Daniel T. Budenz Ph.D. has been licensed as a Psychotherapist, Supervisory Addictions Counselor III, Forensic Therapist and International Addictions Specialist over a 30-year career. He is advocating worldwide licensing for Internet practice. He is a Consumer Advocate Reporter (with a ‘comedic reporter flair') fighting for "Family Cures" tm and is President of American Family Institute and it's growing online products and Online Rehab tm Services. He resides in Madison Wisconsin and Orlando Florida. Dr. Dan has been partner/owner of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centers including a Specialty Hospital for Impaired Physicians and Professionals in Madison with De Paul Hospital. He is Executive Producer of the Teen Comedy "MAY DAY" 2010 movie release featuring acting greats Geoffrey Lewis and Todd Bridges. He is finishing the first volume of what may be the first never ending book "Analyzing Monsters" - "Family Cures". The book includes his role in the Drew Peterson Case and others. For information on Volume One and other products email him or visit


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