Friday, July 9, 2010

Death sentence upheld in gruesome South Beach murder


The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the death sentence for a South Beach man convicted of strangling a Southridge High senior, then dismembering her body and flushing her flesh down the toilet.

Michael D. Seibert, 42, was convicted of the March 1998 murder of Karolay Adrianza after a night of beer drinking and cocaine snorting in the man's South Beach apartment.

In his appeal, Seibert argued that he had ineffective lawyers and that Florida's execution by lethal injection is unconstitutional. Justices denied all the claims.

Miami-Dade jurors convicted Seibert in 2002, and later recommended execution by a vote of 9-3.

The brutal murder case shocked South Florida, especially because Seibert had earlier been convicted of kidnapping and bludgeoning a British tourist, but served only 10 years of a 30-year prison sentence.

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