Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Couey eligible for death penalty

August 8, 2007

IVERNESS, Fla.---A Florida judge has decided John Couey is eligible for the death penalty.

Couey was convicted of kidnapping and raping nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford. He was caught in Augusta.

His attorneys argued for life because they said Couey has a low IQ.

The judge disagreed, and he'll decide soon if Couey will be put to death.

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Betty Schneider said...

John Couey pled for psychiatric help since 1978, but never was allowed to see one. If he'd received the help he so urgently needed and wanted, Jessica might be with us yet.

Please go to and send in your petition if you like. Every signature counts!

Thank you,
Betty Schneider
Director, Therapy Key