Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jenne Reveals Likely Motive In BSO Deputy Shooting

Art Barron

(CBS4) HOLLYWOOD BSO Sheriff Ken Jenne held a news conference Tuesday afternoon to release new information about the events leading up to the shooting of a BSO Deputy on Monday morning, including a possible motive behind the shooting and police audio transmissions.

Jenne said Tuesday the motive is believed to be the impending birth of the suspect’s baby.

According to Jenne, 23-year old David Maldonado figured he’d go to jail on violation of probation charges if it was discovered he was carrying a weapon.

“I think his motivation was that baby. I think he wanted, for whatever reason, remember that he would be in violation of his parole, he had a weapon on him, so he could be arrested for the weapon, violation of parole, several other charges and he was a habitual traffic offender. So I think he’s telling us that the reason he was eluding was because he didn’t want to go to jail for 30 days and miss the birth of his child,” according to BSO Sheriff Ken Jenne.

The baby is due to be born within the next two weeks.

Sheriff Jenne also released audio transmissions between 28-year old Detective Maury Hernandez and other officers, before and after the shooting and after the suspect’s capture.

Detective Hernandez remains in “critical condition” at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood after being shot once in the head. He remains on a ventilator, having undergone surgery on Monday for what was described as "an extremely serious wound", however, Jenne said, he had a much ‘better’ night than anticipated and is struggling hard to survive.

Hernandez, a five year veteran of the force, had just left his home on Monday, going to a special detail in Pembroke Park when he decided to pull over a motorcyclist in the 3700 block of Pembroke Road in Hollywood. He was not on-duty yet and was wearing civilian clothes.

"He apparently saw something going wrong," said Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne, "saw something suspicious, saw a traffic violation, and made a decision that he was going to stop someone."

Jenne said Tuesday that the motorcyclist, identified as 23-year old David Maldonado, was spotted by Hernandez running several red lights while traveling eastbound on Pembroke Road.

Detective Hernandez immediately radioed to his dispatchers that he was going “on-duty” as he continued to follow the motorcyclist.

Maldonado then made a u-turn into a motorcycle shop, got off the bike, removed his helmet and tried to blend in by looking at the motorcycles on the lot.

The owner of the motorcycle shop came out and asked if he needed any help.

At that point, says Jenne, Detective Hernandez pulled into the motorcycle lot, got out of his car, and identified himself as a law enforcement official both verbally and by placing his badge around his neck. He told Maldonado that he had witnessed him running several red lights and asked for his driver’s license.

According to Jenne, the motorcycle shop owner told police that Maldonado then pushed Hernandez and took off running toward Pembroke Road.

Suddenly, the witness heard gun shots from the street and immediately saw Detective Hernandez lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the right side of the head.

Sheriff Jenne said that investigators believe Maldonado shot Hernandez at a distance of about 40 yards. He fired two shots, with one bullet striking Hernandez on the right side of the head.

Jenne went on to say that there’s no question Maldonado knew he was dealing with a member of law enforcement.

After the shooting, Maldonado ran into the Hillcrest Condo Development at 4330 Hillcrest Drive and was taken into custody while trying to hide in a maintenance closet near building 23, according to BSO.

Sheriff Jenne also revealed that investigators found some disturbing items inside Maldonado’s home during a search. “The walls of his home were decorated with targets from gun ranges. Many of the targets had bullet holes concentrated in the head area, it was a very tight pattern”, said Jenne.

In addition, investigators talked to people who know Maldonado and they said that “he practiced almost weekly at a gun range and even more chilling, they said he practiced shooting targets in the head on a regular basis.”

A judge on Tuesday ordered Maldonado held without bond on the charges of attempted premeditated murder and violation of probation.

BSO spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright said the detective's brother, who works with the Hallandale Beach Police Department, also responded to Monday’s call. The brother is a rookie who recently graduated from the police academy. He was taken to the hospital to be with his brother who works in the BSO's Selective Enforcement Team in District 1.


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