Friday, January 4, 2008

Convicted Murderer Files Motion Opposing Death By Lethal Injection

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. -- A motion filed by Todd Zommer's attorneys late Friday afternoon argued the Osceola County man convicted of killing his elderly neighbor shouldn't be subjected to death by lethal injection.

A jury recommended death for Zommer and Judge Jon Morgan has now heard all he will from the convicted killer who made no attempt Friday to sway the judge toward a life sentence.

Last month, Zommer was convicted of killing his 77-year-old neighbor, Corrine Robinson, in April 2005. Zommer told jurors how he beat and cut the victim's throat, all because she witnessed him stealing a neighbor's boat.

Zommer's attorneys argued the murder was preceded by a lifetime of abuse and drug use. When Judge Morgan asked Zommer if he wanted to make a statement Friday, his answer was brief.

"I said all I had to say when I took the stand, your honor," he said.

Corrine Robinson's family gave emotional testimony about their loss and prosecutors said they will likely be there for Zommer's sentencing, which is scheduled for February 8. At that time, the judge will rule on the motion to bar death by lethal injection if he chooses to follow the jury's recommendation.

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