Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marion County Jail inmate dies after fall from bunk


OCALA - The Marion County Sheriff's Office Friday night reported the death of a prisoner at the Marion County Jail.

"This evening, just before head count, inmate William Edward Koch, 54, suddenly rolled off the top bunk and fell to the floor where he passed away," according to a press release.

Koch, whose address is the 16000 block of Southeast 102nd Court Road in Summerfield, was arrested Thursday night on a domestic simple battery charge, the release stated.

He was being housed in the open population where other inmates witnessed him fall to the floor and the medical personnel responded to the emergency, the department said.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. after dinner, said sheriff's spokesman Capt. Jimmy Pogue. Koch was on some form of medication, but Pogue did not know what kind.

Sheriff Dean has requested that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conduct an investigation.

The exact cause of death will be determined after an autopsy.

The preliminary investigation did not reveal any signs of foul play, the department said.

According to arrest records, Koch's wife, Jacqueline, reported that he grabbed her arm and pushed her during an argument.

When deputies tried to question him about it, he refused to talk about it, told deputies to talk to his wife, and finally said, "Take me to jail." The arresting deputy reported a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.


Ja let said...

this man probably never deserved to go to jail oh unless he was on the most profitable probation of marion county arguing with a spouse and pushing her or him does not require jail time to be held by the month after month to make money for the marion county jail system is really so illegal a civilan quickly learns poor wife do you really believe he said take me to jail and if he did the police took him based on wanting to go how deathly unsound is that and now her husband is dead what a pitty and unessary lose of life not to mention the death medical squad of the jail system there not surprised this happened better not ask a question of them or this can happen to you i'm not kidding with you personnaly witnessed this type of abuse what a crime witnesses saw him fall oh he had alcohol on the breath what other report you cannot trust any police report of any of their lying sort just look at how the man got there crazy now do you think his wife can handle that i wonder if it was the first time ever going to jail seems like he would know better had he been in that ocala jail your life is in severe danger by the staff and the medical staff the inmates another threat as they use the officials and medical staff to attack inmates further the medical staff uses inmates to threaten other inmates and inmates will be used for favor and fear to attack other inmates one nurse in particular at the wemon side of this jail just ask a question of the medical staff and you will be abused you cannot get medical treatment unless you prove and have medical doctor history on file at the jail like who is planning to go to jail to ;place their medical history on file what is that bull!! just let me place my medical history on file so I can get a medical diet or diet based on religious needs better druged place in solitary to abuse you given incorrect medication i witnessed inamtes where not given any medication and left to die in their sleep a disoriented separted from his family finds himself in prision only to realize he is in serious trouble with the abuse kick meanwhile he gets abused to death what his wife thinks now of her poor husband dies rolling off a bed
guess he was just received it takes awhile to know your sleeping in jail and not in your bed taking drugs in prision is a very vulnerable death threat if you can help it it really takes the natural survival adrenaline you need to survive out and you are not sharp to save yourself in a crisis broke his skull those narrow bunks you cannot turn over in happens to them all everyone states they forget they are off the floor criminal and how just sqeeze as many inmates as you can did you know you have to have a medical permit to sleep on a bottom bunk you would think that druging an inmate would constitute low bunk not alott of people are on drugs in the jail they just don't care to space when they are making money off ya God is going to put an end to this abuse real soon mark my words we are more than watching we are in action in spirtual combat against the crimes against human beings in the ocala jail we will get them watch God work!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes god will have the finale say on the treatment and conditions at marion county jail.Its nothing but a legalized money operation to benefit the elite in marion county.