Friday, February 8, 2008

Death penalty possible after indictment today


A grand jury today indicted a man on murder and drug charges in connection with a botched drug deal last year.

Oscar Mungia, 33, reportedly arranged a March transaction during which Jose Luis Castillo was fatally shot outside a house in the 1100 block of 13th Street East.

Mungia had been charged with second-degree murder and trafficking, but grand jurors indicted him on first-degree murder and trafficking in cocaine, according to court papers.

The indictment now makes him eligible for the death penalty.

It also comes at a time when his co-defendant goes to trial next week. Co-defendant Anthony Brown is charged with second-degree murder. Jury selection in that trial is set for Monday, assistant state attorney Art Brown said.

Mungia drove Brian D. Johnson, 18, and Anthony Rashad Brown, 17, to meet with the Castillos to make the drug deal, according to a police report. An argument began and someone opened fire on the Castillos.

Castillo was killed and his brother, David Castillo, was also shot, but not critically injured.

Johnson was arrested, but prosecutors on April 25 declined charges against him.

During the investigation of the shooting, Mungia told detectives he had drugs in his house, according to reports. Detectives later found 1,137 grams of cocaine there.

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