Friday, February 15, 2008

Federal Lawsuit Filed Over Inmate's Death

MIAMI (CBS4) ― A federal lawsuit was filed on Wednesday over the case of a Miami-Dade jail inmate who died after spending more than a week locked in solitary confinement, reportedly covered in his own feces.

Back in April 2007, attorney David Kubilun said 41-year-old Rodolfo Ramos, who had diabetes, was left alone at the Metro West Detention Center for eight days even though a correctional officer noted that he should have been moved to a medical housing unit. Ramos was awaiting trial on kidnapping and other charges when he fell ill.

He was finally transferred to a hospital on March 25th, suffering from a lung disease. During his stay in jail, his cellmates reportedly cared for him and had to help clean him up.

He died at the hospital on April 14th. Pictures of Ramos taken at the hospital showed some type of bite marks on his face and feet, and inflammation all over his body. Kubiliun called for an investigation into not only Ramos' death, but also the medical system at county jails.

"That's inhuman, how could you do that to somebody," said Yeisleny Nodarse, his niece.

The family called the jail to have them provide medical assistance but say officials didn't act quickly enough, even though they knew of his condition.

"He used to call me and he used to tell me, could you please call them and tell them to do something, take care of me, give me my medication," said Nodarse.

The Department of Corrections' statement when it occurred:

"While Mr. Ramos' medical history is quite extensive and complex, there is no indication of a lack of medical care or attention in his case. However, as with any death at our corrections facilities, Miami-Dade County is investigating this matter."

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