Monday, October 27, 2008

Brevard judge steps aside in murder trial

Police deny drinking with suspect


Circuit Judge Meryl Allawas recused herself from a murder case Wednesday because she is the godmother of the lead detective's children.

Allawas made the disclosure during the hearing on a defense motion to throw out the confession of Michael Lilja, a homeless man accused of killing his companion, 56-year-old Robert Stephen Ault, last year in a dispute over body odor.

The judge said she usually sees Brevard County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Gary Harrell's children with their mother, has minimal contact with Harrell and would be impartial.

But she granted the defendant's ensuing recusal request to avoid the perception of bias.

The case will be reassigned to a different judge.

The defendant should "feel he is getting a judge that has no relationship at all" to the witnesses, Allawas said.

Lilja, 45, faces life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder in connection with Ault's death.

Police said a boater found Ault's body floating in Sykes Creek near the Beachline Expressway on Merritt Island on July 26, 2007, near the campsite where the two men lived.

An autopsy showed Ault died of multiple blunt-force trauma and strangulation, authorities said.

Defense attorney Todd Deratany claims investigators illegally detained and questioned Lilja in a room at the Clarion Hotel on Merritt Island and gained the confession by plying Lilja with beer that they bought and drank with him.

Prosecutor Tom Brown said after Wednesday's hearing that the allegations in Deratany's motion are "absolutely false."

In an e-mailed statement to FLORIDA TODAY, Lt. Bruce Barnett of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office homicide unit said his agency offered Lilja a place to sleep and bathe because he couldn't return to his campsite, which was under investigation by crime-scene personnel.

Officers also wanted an idea of where to find him if they needed to speak with him the next morning, Barnett said.

Agents did not stay with him or conduct an interview at the hotel, Barnett said.

Lilja was questioned the next day at the police precinct, where he waived his Miranda rights, he said.

"At no time did the sheriff's office covertly watch him at the hotel, nor was he told that he was not free to leave the hotel and there was no security provided by the sheriff's office at the hotel to insure that he remained there," Barnett wrote.

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Anonymous said...

I am a relative of michel.if anyone could blog comments on the trial itwould be appreciated

Anonymous said...

I am mother of his son age 15, lilja is adead beat dad, lilja also beat me up 3to4 times a year for 7years. police had to help me several times. he is a asshole who beats women .lilja is also the worst father. I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL; HE HAS HURT SO MANY PEOPLE ; THE WORST THING IS THE PAIN MY SON SUFFERS BECAUSE OF LACK CARE AND RESPONSEABLITY I believe in what comes around goes around. LILJA is where he should be.

Robin Berry said...

Judge not lest you be judged! Like you are Miss cleanly...please. You drank and hit the pipe w/ him! Blame it ALL on the drunk, eh? Hope you find a "REAL" man that doesn't drink or use. Trust me...he'd cheat on your rif-raf appearance for sake of being away from you...and give you money...ALL you WANT!YOU have no soul, do NOT believe in JESUS CHRIST...great MOTHER! Ya, he and I had a kick and bite boxing match when I was pregnant. Put your kid's DAD down? GREAT! Mess his head up more so. He had to grieve his parents' death and the fact his older brother thinks his poo poo doesn't stink. I'm tired of you women REALLY only caring about money. What's he supposed to do for you? Give it up in jail? You'd like that. He "TRIED" to be a partner and a FATHER with you. I know it. You aren't easy to please. Take the blows and do it YOUR are lucky to have a son healthy. BUT, he suffers because you put his Dad down!!!! You had his child...abortion was not legal? Money grabbing gold digger are you? No wonder why he flipped his lid when I met him! NOT a bad guy...and, deep down you know the TRUTH! I don't agree with perversion either...but, it messes w/ his head too. Learn that the LORD judges US ALL by our hearts...alcohol is with it!
Robin Berry