Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Should we seek death penalty?


Staff Writer

BUSHNELL -- Prosecutors are trying to determine whether to seek the death penalty for a hitchhiker accused of tying up, raping, robbing and stomping to death a Lake Panasoffkee man.

Carl Dausch, 47, will be arraigned Tuesday in the Sumter County courthouse on murder and sexual battery charges in the death of Adrian Renard Mobley.

Assistant State Attorney Peter Magrino said he is studying Dausch's criminal record and other factors in the case -- including the wishes of the victim's family -- before making the decision.

Magrino, who worked on the case of convicted child rapist and killer John Couey, called the Mobley murder a horrendous crime, but stopped short of ranking it among other heinous murders for which he has sought the death penalty.

"On a dark road in the middle of nowhere, I can't imagine how scared the victim was," Magrino said.

On July 15, 1987, Mobley was found on County Road 475, just north of Bushnell -- hog-tied with a blue bedsheet and white T-shirt and beaten to death. An autopsy revealed he had been kicked and stomped -- so hard that a fracture to the nasal bone caused massive swelling in the brain, which was the proximate cause of death.

Mobley's 1981 red Honda Accord also was missing. It later turned up in Whitehouse, Tenn., just north of Nashville. A witness told detectives he saw a white male with blond, shaggy ear-length hair, leave the car there and begin hitchhiking.

Sumter County sheriff's officials didn't know the identity of the hitchhiker. But Lt. Steve Binegar said detectives knew Mobley had a history of picking up blond males.

The murder would go unsolved for 17 years.

Then in 2004, the cold case heated up after cigarette butts retrieved from the car were tested for DNA. That DNA pointed to Dausch, an Indiana prison inmate, serving 60 years on an unrelated rape and battery conviction.

Sheriff's Capt. Gary Brannen said detectives began putting the pieces together:

Dausch was on a trip with family members from Ohio to Florida when an argument ensued, and they left him stranded. Mobley, a local Wal-Mart employee, picked up Dausch. Brannen said they believe Dausch had ulterior motives, wanting to get a ride back to Ohio, any way he could.

Brannen said Mobley wouldn't give him a ride to Ohio or give him the car, and Dausch got upset.

"What makes the crime so heinous crime is he didn't have to kill him," Brannen said. "He was in a position where he could have just taken the car."

A Sumter County grand jury eventually indicted Dausch for the murder and battery and he was brought back to the Sumter County jail in August to begin court proceedings in the Mobley case. The statue of limitations had run out for any robbery or grand theft charges.

Magrino said he has 45 days from the time Dausch is arraigned Tuesday to make a decision to seek the death penalty, although he could ask for more time.


Anonymous said...

I know this guy, he deserves to die, he has killed more people than this guy,....hes baddddd news. Trust me!!!

Anonymous said...

his street name was Junior, I know him very well, an he knows me, he has been nothin but trouble since he was a kid, h e has robbed, rapped, an murdered many, many times... Junior if u ever read this, your a cock-sucker, I knew all the shit you did to innocent people would catch up with you someday, I know you will burn in hell after they take your life away in prison, so long you piece of shit, your days are finally numbered.

Anonymous said...

Yes his street name IS Junior! I call him DAD!!! His Cock-Suckin kid has read this & I bet you're just such a perfect person,but everyones days are numbered.You understsnd me as his child that I think you r a piece of shit!

stacy said...

I am just very angry to hear people speak of my Dad in this manner. To the Mobleys I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope that in some way you can find peace in knowing that they have my dad on trial. GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY! I am truly sorry for your loss & constant wondering!

Roy said...

I am so sorry Stacy you had to find out about your dad this way. I have known your dad my whole life as he lived a houses from mine. I ran into your Mom in 2009 while i was in the hospital. I have not seen you since you were just a cute little baby girl. I wish you all the best in life since your dad was never able to give you a good life. I am so sorry for the Mobleys my self.I would not ever believe Carl was capable of such a crime. I to hope this brings you closier. And to ever you are who calls Carl, junior you have to know who i am. Go ahead and print your name.I know of no others he has killed. I do feel sorrry for all involved in this big big mess !!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

IM actually related to Junior, have known him since he was like 10, Im a few years younger, but Yes, he is a piece of shit, he has robbed family members, an even robbed our frail, sickened Grandfather, thats the true cocksucker he is, he will burn in hell, he is a monster, devil, whatever nasty adjective you can think of. Like the earlier guy said on here, we all knew it would catch up with him, Junior you know me very well, an yes Im jus another one of your victims, by the way, I hope you sticking that cocaine laced needle in your arm was worth all the shit you put innocent people through, die, you son of a bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to see this...knowing the release date was 2013!I dated Juniors' little sister and have known Junior for over 30 years!I never had any problems with Carl,but did'nt always agree with some choices he made.I'm so sorry that Joanna,Sissy,Stacey,Carl jr.,and Tody(Carl sr.)all have to live with this horrendous nightmare.I ju

st thank the Lord that Mary Jo(rip)did'nt have to struggle with this while she was still with us!Again...I have nothing negative to say about Carl...he always treated me with the utmost respect!My thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by Carls' decisions/acts.