Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Madison County Man Receives First Degree Murder Indictment

Posted: 5:04 PM Dec 1, 2008
Last Updated: 5:12 PM Dec 1, 2008
Reporter: Lauren Searcy
Email Address: Lauren.Searcy@wctv.tv

Fours hours of testimony and deliberation lead a grand jury to issue a first degree murder indictment for 20-year-old Ryan Crosby.

On October 23rd of 2008, David Crosby went missing.

Soon after, his mother became concerned and contacted the Madison Police Department.

As police looked into the missing person's report, they found Ryan Crosby's stories regarding his father weren't matching up.

"Every statement he gave as far as his father's whereabouts were, those stories lead to dead ends and proven to be untruthful to the point where he didn't have any other avenue. Of course he felt like he had no other option, and he came forward and confessed," says Chief Rick Davis from the Madison Police Department.

One of the Crosby's neighbors was surprised to hear what happened in the house next door.

"They seemed close. They went a lot of places together and was very surprised by it all. Very disappointed," says Larry Mayer, the Crosby's neighbor.

Now Ryan Crosby is awaiting trial.

"The possible punishment that Mr. Crosby is facing is life imprisonment or lethal injection by the state of Florida," says Assistant State Attorney Craig Jacobson.

Crosby is being held at the Madison county jail.

A pretrial hearing will be scheduled for some time in January.

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