Sunday, December 28, 2008

Man Named As Adam Walsh Killer Likely Killed Man On Canova Beach

Walsh Killer Suspected In Wrongly Convicted Dillon Case

Man Named As Adam Walsh Killer Likely Killed Man On Canova Beach

CANOVA BEACH, Fla. - The serial killer named this week as the murderer of Adam Walsh may have struck in Central Florida in another high-profile case.

Ottis Toole may have committed the murder for which Bill Dillon served 27 years, investigators said.

Dillon was freed last month.

What points to Toole is that he was in Brevard County and possibly on Canova Beach, known as a spot for gay sexual encounters, at the time of the crime.

The gay sex and the violence of the victim's death all point to Toole, police said.

"We have a lot of encouraging leads," said attorney Mike Pirolo.

Dillon's attorney said Toole is a reasonable suspect for the murder once blamed on Dillon.

Dillon served 27 years for the beating death of a man on Canova Beach in 1981. This week, authorities named Toole as the killer of 6-year-old Walsh.

Toole, a serial killer, died in prison a decade ago. New focus is now coming to Toole's movements.

Investigators have tracked him through Brevard County at about the time of the Canova Beach murder.

The violence of the murder matches the characteristics of Toole's other killings, and prosecutors said the killer had sex with the victim before the murder -- another of Toole's known traits. But it's unlikely that any of Toole's DNA survived to be matched against evidence in the Dillon case.

Attorneys for Dillon said the murder investigation should be reopened. The state attorney's office said there's not enough new evidence to do so.

Dillon attorneys said Toole is not the only possible killer. In fact, they are working to assemble enough evidence to name a suspect in the near future.

"The killer is out there," Pirolo said.

Dillon said he believes in his heart that Toole committed the murder for which Dillon took the blame and served more than 27 years.

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