Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Corrections Officers Accused of Beating Inmates

Four corrections officers are charged with battery for allegedly beating up a couple of inmates at Taylor Correctional Institution.

A Florida Department of Corrections spokesperson says Donald Fittje, Gary Griffin, Jerome Twiggs and Rionodo Brown are accused of physically abusing two inmates.

The September 22nd incident came up during a recent investigation by the inspector general.

The case has been turned over to the attorney general's office.

The officers have been fired.

The following is a statement from the Florida Department of Corrections:
The department does not tolerate the violence shown by these correctional officers. Allegations of abuse are thoroughly investigated and when substantiated, swift action is taken. The actions of these officers are intolerable and atypical of correctional professionals in our state.

Correctional Officers have an awesome responsibility for inmate care and custody. The majority work hard and honestly to fulfill that responsibility. As with any profession, we experience occasions when those we entrust abuse their authority. Those abuses contradict everything the Department and our correctional officers stand for.

(Source : www.wctv.tv)

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