Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two prison guards arrested for beating inmate; threaten woman that reported them

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Two former employees of the Charlotte Correctional Institution state prison, in Charlotte County, have been arrested on multiple charges.

William Langenbrunner and David Cox are accused of felony battery on a prisoner with malicious or great bodily harm. The two also face misdemeanor fraud charges for filing false reports about the incident.

The incident happened in December 17th, 2008, but the men were just arrested over the weekend. Both men were fired from the prison prior to their arrests.

A third man, Shaun Oppe, was also fired from the prison. WINK News cannot confirm if he will also be facing charges.

WINK News has obtained the Florida Department of Corrections Inspector General report on the incident. The report shows prison guards used force on a prisoner following a verbal exchange of words.

The report says one guard repeatedly kicked the prisoner in the head, legs and groin area while he was being held down by two other guards. The inmate received a number of injuries from the beating, but did not receive any broken bones. One of the guards holding the prisoner started the incident by tackling the prisoner following an exchange of words but no physical threats.

According to the report, the prisoner was handcuffed at the time of beating.

The report says the guards threatened the nurse who reported the abuse incident. The threats were made directly to the nurse. The report also says the guards, amongst themselves, discussed what to do with the nurse.

The beating occurred in a medical exam room. According to the report the nurse who reported the beating was ordered to leave the room by the guards at the time of the beating.

The report then continues to read that the guards conspired to come-up with a cover story so only one guard at most would get into trouble.

(Source: www.winknews.com)

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