Friday, May 2, 2008

In Memory of WILLIAM CODAY - Florida death row suicide April 2008

A friend who died before his time.


Freedom taken

Life forsaken

Steel bars

Painful scars

Mental strains

Concrete walls

No one hears your calls

Nothing’s fair

Hard to bear

Mind games


Count bells

Stair wells

Masked strangers

Constant dangers

Jingling keys

Trembling knees

Lonely hours

Faith sours

Years wasted

Hope tasted

Questions Why

Then I died….

Florida death row April 28, 2008


78 Grand Street said...

wondering who you are and your connection to Coday. Thanks. Your poem was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i only hope billy coday was in alot of pain during his death lets not forget he klled two women to bad it took him so long to kill himself you see i knew coday his whole life he used to be my mean cousin

Anonymous said...

hurrah he is dead