Friday, May 2, 2008

Man found guilty in double killing in Orlando

Sarah Lundy

Sentinel Staff Writer

12:28 PM EDT, May 2, 2008

An Orange County jury this morning found Kenneth Mitchell II guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.

Mitchell was charged in connection with the March 4, 2006, deaths of his friends Henry "Steve" Betts II and Christopher Yarber, both 23.

Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison.

A friend found the two dead the next day in Betts' Parramore home. Both had multiple gunshots to the head at close range.

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Anonymous said...

This situation is the result of a child growing up in a household deprived of attention. There have many events in this young mans life before this that were obvious cries for help but his parents never cared. The mom nor the dad. His starvation for attention sent him to the homosexual community where he was excepted. You see, when people are confused and want attention and cant get it from their "WANNA-BE" high and mighty family, "any attention whether good or bad" becomes their reality.
I have been an orlando resident all my life.

Anonymous said...

you mispelled accepted/how cruel of you to judge his parents when he was a grown man and made his own decision. By the grace of God i hope you are never blamed for someone eles's decision. Sounds like you are jealous of the family and their success. God is the final judge and he is in control of life and death. He lived and God may have spared him for a reason. It is not for you to judge. The same measure you use to judge him will be measure unto you.

keva kinsler said...

I've been in Orlando all my life as well and there is nothing wanna be about this man's family. They are Royalty of Orlando. Tragic events can befall anyone's family including yours while you hating and passing out judgement. HATERS!! Smh

Chris W said...

Thank You! Does anybody have any extra details about this case?? He’s family.