Saturday, May 24, 2008

Young Florida Couple Indicted

By Julie Morgan @ May 22, 2008 4:55 PM

A Florida couple caught in Texas a couple of weeks ago have been indicted in Putnam County on murder charges.

Morgan Leppert, 15, and her 22 year old boyfriend have been locked up in Putnam County without bond and now they have even bigger problems.

"Both Morgan Leppert and Toby Lowry have been indicted on 3 count indictments for first-degree murder, burglary with an assault and robbery with a weapon," says Assistant State Attorney Matthew Cline.

Cline says Leppert will be tried as an adult but they cannot seek the death penalty because of her age.

Lowry however can get death but officials have not made that decision.

Both are charged in the brutal death of James Stewart, 66. Stewart was a disabled.

Authorities believe the two killed him to take his vehicle.

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SkylarJ said...

Morgan leppert is my step sisters ex-step sister I've met her once and my step sister lived with her and we believe Morgan WOULD NOT kill a man especially a disabled for his car. Shes done stuff wrong in life everyone has but this is one mistake she wouldnt do!