Friday, July 25, 2008

Boy, 15, Reportedly Confesses To Killing 14-Year-Old Girl

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The 15-year-old boy arrested and charged with the murder of a teenage girl and hiding her body near a Dumpster will make his first court appearance Friday afternoon.

But many questions about the crime remain unanswered.

It is still unclear how the teens knew each other, how the victim was killed, or what motive the boy may have had for killing 14-year-old Neica Gibbs.

Local 10 will not identify the teen suspect unless prosecutors decide to charge him as an adult, but the boy's mother said she was as shocked as anyone to hear her son confess.

"He told me what happened. Did I have any clue? No. He didn't show no signs," said Lorraine Boggess, the suspect's mother.

Boggess said she found out Thursday night, not long after detectives took her and her 15-year-old son in for what she thought was routine questioning. Boggess is one of the people who found Gibbs' body, wrapped in a blue tarp, near the Dumpster of their trailer park Monday afternoon.

Family members reported Gibbs missing three weeks ago. Boggess said during that time, her son never let on that he knew where she was.

"The only time he started acting strange on me is when he went to the police station. That's when I started to noticed that he was acting funny. But other than that, no," Boggess told Local 10's Elena Echarri.

But some of the teens who live in the Azalea Trailer Colony suspected from the start that her son was involved. They said their hunches were confirmed when they learned Gibbs' hands were tied together.

"That blue rope that she got tied up with, I've seen that rope over there by (the suspect's) house so I think he did it," said one friend.

Police said they believe Gibbs was killed on June 28, inside the trailer the teen suspect shares with his mother and younger brother. Neither family member was home at the time.

Investigators describe the boy and Gibbs as acquaintances and said he killed her during an argument. But they won't say what the two were fighting about.

The boy is charged with an open count of homicide. It's unclear if he'll be prosecuted as an adult.

An account has been established to help Gibbs' family pay for funeral and burial arrangements. Send a donation to Gibbs' church at: Unity Church, 1563 W. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Routing Number: 063100277 Account Number: 003773709114

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