Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ocoee cop fired after sex arrest

Thomas T. Maroney

Susan Jacobson

Sentinel Staff Writer

July 16, 2008

An Ocoee police sergeant arrested after a woman said he stripped, fondled and spanked her against her will was fired, effective today.

In a letter Tuesday to Sgt. Thomas T. Maroney, police Chief Steven Goclon said Maroney's behavior "reflects so poorly upon you and the department that it severely affects your ability to perform your duties as a police officer, let alone as a sergeant."

Maroney was arrested Thursday after the woman, 30, told Orange County deputies that he bet her on a card trick, then asked for oral sex and attacked her at another officer's home for a party. The charges are attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment and battery.

The sergeant admitted he was drunk and "behaved poorly," according to the chief's letter.

In 2004, a former Ocoee police intern said Maroney won a bet on a card trick and tried to collect by spanking her, a police internal-affairs report shows. Maroney received a written warning.

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bunbeatingfun said...

In my estimation spanking is only appropriate when inflicted upon grown women of questionable virtue ;-)