Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jailed Orange teen admits she killed girl

Maya Derkovic weeps during an interview at Orange County Jail. Derkovic and two others have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Harriet "Jackie" Curtis, 15. (Hilda M. Perez, Orlando Sentinel / October 15, 2007)

Henry Pierson Curtis and Sarah Lundy

Sentinel Staff Writers

October 16, 2007

The face of Jackie "Angel" Curtis haunted Maya Derkovic for the past nine months.

Finally, the 18-year-old gang member and Orange County Jail inmate couldn't keep her secret anymore.

In an effort to find peace, she told a jailer and later detectives how she choked 15-year-old Angel while two fellow gang members held the victim's arms.

Derkovic's story helped unravel a mystery that began Jan. 18 when Angel's badly decomposed body was found along the edge of a retention pond near Goldenrod Road.

"What I did was terribly wrong," Derkovic told the Orlando Sentinel in an exclusive interview from jail Monday night. "It's time to 'fess up to what I did and do the right thing."

The Sheriff's Office has charged Amiri "Sin" Lundy, 20; Dominique "D" Tolbert, 19; and Derkovic with killing Angel in an act of crude gang justice.

Lundy headed the 3rd World Rolling Sixties -- a spinoff of the West Coast Crips, according to court records and interviews Monday. Known as "O.G.," or the "Original Gangsta, " he also was an ex-boyfriend of the girl whom he, Derkovic and Tolbert are accused of killing.

All three lured Angel to a retention pond near Goldenrod Road intending to kill her, said sheriff's homicide Detective Brian Cross.

"She was set up," Cross said Monday. "She knew these people and trusted them."

Shortly after New Year's Day, Derkovic told the Sentinel, Lundy grew paranoid that Angel was trying to set up him and his family to be attacked by the rival gang she belonged to. He accused her of stealing Lundy's special book that held secrets and rules of the Rolling Sixties.

That's when the idea of killing Angel came up, said Derkovic, who was the highest-ranking female in the gang and a friend of the victim.

"He made her seem to be like a spy."

A few nights later -- Derkovic said she thinks it was Jan. 9 -- she and Tolbert were walking to her job at a bakery on Goldenrod Road. Lundy joined the two, telling them he had called Angel to meet them at a Hess gas station nearby.

When Angel showed up, the four walked toward the bakery. One of the men, Derkovic said, handed her a knife he had wrapped in a bandanna.

"He said, 'You know what that's for?' and I said, 'I know what you are talking about.' "

They hung out in the neighborhood behind the bakery, ending up at the overgrown pond at the end of Alachua Street.

Angel borrowed Lundy's phone to call for a ride home. After she handed the phone back, "I grabbed her," Derkovic said.

Derkovic pulled out the knife, and the women struggled. Angel grabbed the weapon, and it broke. At one point, Angel grabbed Derkovic's bandanna with her bloody hand.

Then the two men grabbed the victim's arms, she said.

"That's when I got on top of her," Derkovic said. Derkovic said she grabbed Angel's throat and pushed. Then she eased the pressure and pushed again.

"Before I knew it, she stopped struggling," Derkovic said.

After she let go, Derkovic said, one of the men stepped on the victim's neck.

"I can only ask Angel to forgive me for what I did to her," Derkovic told the Sentinel.

Details of the case were still being investigated Monday, but the Sheriff's Office learned in the past week that Angel, who attended Winter Park High School's Ninth Grade Center, agonized over her life as a gangster girl.

"I went through her diary, and she really wanted to change her life around. It really impressed me," Cross said. "This was a girl who truly loved her mother, and her mother truly loved her. . . . This is just a tragic and senseless loss."

Her body was discovered partly in the water Jan. 18. It had been there for about two days, and decomposition covered up all signs of obvious trauma, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The Orange-Osceola Medical Examiner's Office ruled the cause of death as undetermined, but Cross never set aside the investigation, according to homicide Sgt. Allen Lee.

Then someone made an anonymous phone call about a week ago to Crimeline.

The tipster said two people involved in the death had been picked up within weeks of the killing in connection with an armed carjacking near Chickasaw Trail. Those two, awaiting sentencing in jail, were Derkovic and Tolbert.

Derkovic identified herself as a full member of the 3rd World Rolling Sixties gang within minutes of her Jan. 28 arrest for armed carjacking, county court records show. She was driving the carjacked victim's 2006 black Toyota when deputies spotted it on Valencia College Lane and she and Tolbert jumped out to try to run away, records show.

Both wore beads in the gang's black-and-blue colors. Tolbert, originally from Pensacola, also wore a black-and-blue bandanna and carried an imitation 9 mm pistol Derkovic is charged with using to take the car at gunpoint, records show.

"Maya is a pretty established member of this group and has been for long time," Cross said of the lanky, 6-feet-2 teenager with a "Daddy P" tattoo on her neck, a souvenir of her time as a prostitute in Miami.

Derkovic first joined a street gang several years ago when her family lived in South Florida. Born in Bosnia, she went by the nickname "Luda," which means "Crazy" in her native language, according to Cross, who interviewed her in the jail Monday afternoon.

Tolbert pleaded guilty to the carjacking and, in August, wrote the judge an elaborately illustrated letter asking for leniency. His drawing featured a gavel labeled, "Time Served" and a set of open handcuffs.

If convicted of the new charge of first-degree murder, Tolbert, Derkovic and Lundy face life in prison and, possibly, the death penalty.

Lundy was picked up late Friday, jail records show. It was only the second time he had been arrested, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The prior arrest involved armed drug dealing at Olympia High School after a school resource officer charged Lundy, then 16, with possession of marijuana, a .22-caliber pistol and eight bullets on Sept. 12, 2005, records show. The arrest followed a tip from another student's mother who accused Lundy of firing two shots at her son days earlier during a fight in Orlo Vista, records show.

Prosecutors later dropped both charges, records show.

Derkovic's mother, who did not want to be named to protect her younger children's identity, has visited the jail regularly since January. She knew something bothered her daughter besides the carjacking charge but the teen would not say why.

"For the past four to five months, she always broke down and cried and said, 'There's something else I need to tell you, but I can't," her mother said Monday evening. "In one way she feels so much better now. She can sleep."

After years of trying to control her daughter's misbehavior, she said her daughter must accept responsibility for her actions, whatever they were and whatever punishment faces her.

"Taking somebody's life is something I cannot imagine any child of mine doing. I can't imagine what that other girl's mother is feeling," she said. "For my child it is too late. If she did it, she's going to have to deal with herself. Someone else may learn from what happens to her."


Anonymous said...

Hey George and Cindy, here's an example of a parent who can love their child and make them responsible for their actions. Derkovics mother is going to let her take responsibility for her actions. Imagine that.....

Anonymous said...

i just watched maya's interview and she seems very honest. sorry she got involved in such a bad situation. take note ANTHONY FAMILY...your daughter killed your granddaughter. how much more evidence do you need thrown at you before you all wake up?

Anonymous said...

I too just watched the video of Maya and feel that she is not looking for a deal on her sentence. I am glad to see that Maya took responsibility for her actions and that her mother while still being part of her life, allowed her daughter to take the responsibility that was needed. And George and Cindy it is time to step back and accept what Casey has done

Anonymous said...

"In one way she feels so much better now. She can sleep."

That's the difference between a person who has made a tragic mistake and a psychopath. The latter doesn't have problems sleeping (CA).

Anonymous said...

I just watched this girl's video and I can't help but to think that we are ALL simply a product of our environment. It is so easy to judge others and to say "I would never be able to do something like that" but life teaches that one does not know what one is capable of doing until the situation arises. This girl committed an awful, awful crime and is now going to spend the rest of her young life in prison for doing so but take a good look at her face and ask yourself, if this very same child could not have just as easily become "somebody".

Maya, if you get a chance to read this, keep your head high(as having come forward with your crime means there's no longer reason for shame), stay out of trouble, and please, please, please do something constructive with your time. I don't know you, but my gut says that you, even having committed such a horrible crime, could very well make something of your life. Never forget what you've done, but channel your anger with yourself into something that will make you and eventually ALL others, proud. I plan on searching for you so as to write you personally. Until then, be safe...

All the very best,


Anonymous said...

I watched Maya interview and I commend her for being so honest. May she continue on her journey the best she can. 27 yrs. is a long time, but at least she's taking responsibility. Kudo's to her mom as well. God Bless them. P.S. May this interview be able to help Cindy and George Anthony to accept their situation as the evidence is right in front of them.

Mary said...

WOW.. I too like most of you just watched the video it's 4-26-2010. My thoughts are, if Maya is being truthful, then I am very proud of her for speaking out, it may or may not have put her in a bad spot in prision. No one there likes a snitch. Though no likes a baby killer. So, on to Casey, now going on the thought that Maya is telling the truth, Casey has numerous problems in my opion. Casey loved her daughter, Casey killed her daughter. To me it's insane that she dont break down and just spend a lot of time crying no matter who killed her any mother would no matter who killed her. I see alot of what Maya spoke about. Casey rearley spoke of Caylee, and when got complimented, Casey turned the compliment onto herself. I would have broke down, and felt the loss all over again. Alot of things about Cindy that Maya spoke about, it makes more sence, then C & G supporting Casey. The way C & G acted during this entire thing they acted like angry folks, not sad and mourning, I would be weak and they came accross strong and ready to fight. If I lost a child to murder I dont think I could get over it and I would feel weak and all that stuff that goes with the loss of a child/grand child. So what Maya is saying makes more sence and it fits. Casey curseing Cindy in her jail cell. The story's of Cindy & Casey always fighting. All the patterns here if you think about it all falsl into the disturbed family syndrome, this is not a normal family. Nothing they do or say is of normalcy, it's completely laughable to think that they are fooling anyone. The letters alone that Casey wrote in jail to Robin, they fit. C & G supporting Casey and saying she was /is a good mother that to me dont fit. Maya surley couldnt have sat and watched TV all day every day.

So Casey,I hope you know that most people see you as guilty, good luck finding a jury that will not convict you.You do deserve a fair and impartial jury, but your dreams of that RV trip and all the food, and movies and the rest of your dreams/plans that will never happen. You made a decision that will land you in the bed you made for life.
May Caylee M Anthony Rest In Peace. My Prayers Are With You And Those Who Loved You And Those Who Never Met You And Love You. The World Lost A beautful Princess When You Letf Us.

Facts ONLY. Justice for ALL. said...

IMO, Maya Derkovic is fishing for book/fame interest and attention for herself.

Her claim that her case was 'high profile' is bogus. On a broad media scale, it never left the state of Florida. It hardly left her own county of conviction.

There are no news articles about her case online, except a mention in this blog from 2007, which has been turned into a Casey Anthony forum in 2010. Why? Because there is no other info on Maya Derkovic anywhere on the net, except here, prior to her speaking with Kathi Belich.

Perhaps Maya Derkovic has seen the error of her choices. To be a 13 year old gang member, prostitute and thief, caught for a violent car-jacking at 17, facing serious time, confessing to murder and naming accomplices sounds like a way to escape time and/or the death penalty.

Great that she wanted to clear her troubled mind up, even better that she made the choice to tell the poor dead girl's family the truth, but...People, let's not forget she was incarcerated and in her street name, Luda, a SUSPECT in the murder of a 15 year old rival gang member, whom she ultimately ended up confessing to murder.

There are plenty of kids out there with terrible home and life circumstances that do not join violent gangs, turn tricks, steal, rob and murder. Derkovic had a loving, supportive, financially stable family when she made EVERY single one of those choices.

She made them anyway. Those are the choices of a thrill seeker and a narcissist, who cares little to nothing about the consequences of her actions. If she had not been caught in the car-jacking, she would have buried that murder in her mind, you can count on it. Whether she sees the value of a human life, including her own, now, three years after the facts of her life before prison, does not make her a reliable voice for victims.

In her interview she states she believes that everyone can change. Sadly, this is just not true. Many confessed perpetrators do their time and upon release, go on to commit escalated or repeat crimes. Over 90% of the time child molesters do not rehabilitate. Violent rapist, do not rehabilitate. These statistics go on and on.

Maya Derkovik survived as a member of a violent gang member for many years. From a very young age she learned the politics of this life in order to not only survive, but thrive in this lifestyle choice.

Law enforcement have told her that she is a credible person because she confessed to a murder she committed. Although she states she wants nothing in return for her information about Casey Anthony, let's face the fact that her parole hearings in the future will go over far better in her favor now. That is the way of the snitch. It's all still politics.

I am not a supporter of Casey Anthony, however, to flip one murderer for another does not help me forget one act over another.

Monirul said...

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Turning Winds Blog said...

It's so disturbing to read real events like these happening to our teens these days. Murder is such a big crime and for a young person to do this is worst, especially for the mothers of the victim and the perpetrator herself. Everything is too late now, if only the parents had known the illegalities being done by Derkovic, then things would have been different today. Troubled teens who are involved with drugs, and bad company should think twice about the effects they'll be getting from it. It's definitely not worth it.

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Orlistat said...

It will always shock me what one human being is capable doing to another human being! Especially when it's young people like them killing somebody...

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Anonymous said...

WOW and look who is talking? MAYA IS CERTAINLY NO BETTER THAN CASEY! She can have all the remorse she wants but it's not bringing that little girl she strangled back!

I dont care if she seems honest or not she is a killer too and the fact that she admits it doesn't change what she did.

Her remorse is useless just like she is!

young drivers insurance said...

This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read. This young lady, Maya, and those two thugs are pure evil. My prayers go out to the family of Jackie Curtis. Thank God there is some one paying for this now. I hope the justice system grasps them tightly.
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Natalia Muntean said...

very sad incident she killed her just for a book .

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Sophie, it is not up to us to Judge Maya, it's up to the Lord above. Sometimes we do things (all of us) that we would not normally do, even as little as yell at someone. We were born in a fallen world. We do have choices to do good every day. Maya choose to make right what she wronged (repentence), reguardless of the consequences. She is paying the price which is true justice! I don't think Maya cares about fame, other than to truly help others (like Casey) do the right thing! Maybe she does have a hidden agenda that some would say, but that's between her and god and not for us to judge.

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering why these career criminals were not charge with 1st degree murder with the possibility of the death penalty as was Casey Anthony. This woman by admission was a gang banger who thought nothing of hijacking a car a gun point and murdering her friend,while Casey Anthony had done nothing criminally wrong prior to her being charged with in the death of her daughter, now tell me this isn't politics florida style.


Maya has shown a lot of people how to take responsibility for their actions! I give her 5stars for doing so even though she has killed a girl who wanted to dramatically change her life around and who was also a friend of hers! But sometimes being caught in situations where your honor is tested leads us to do things that will later haunt us and that it did for Maya! I am just glad she came clean and is willing to deal with her situation like an adult. I only hope that LEE, CINDY and GEORGE ANTHONY can heed the warnings that lay ahead and open their eyes to the evidence that was laid in front of them that was brought on by the state and not that retard of an Attorney BAEZ who showed absolutely NOTHING in court to prove CASEY'S innocence! I hope that THE ANTHONY FAMILY can step up and truly show how much they loved CAYLEE as their grand-daughter and not let their daughter get away with MURDER of her own child!

ANTHONY FAMILY...god never sleeps, he is always watching and if you know something or is backing up CASEY knowing she is wrong, you will not have to deal with the courts or fellow citizens of the U.S any longer for final judgement lays in our fathers hands now! You may have gotten away with it here, but that day will come when no longer shall you rest or laugh. But I do promise you this, if you do know something and your daughter is GUILTY like we all believe then I promise, you will see CAYLEE again, just not the way you'd like, she will be watching over you as you are on your way to hell to burn for ETERNITY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it sooooo disturbing that Maya, who has fessed up to what she did, who seems to have genuine remorse, is gonna be stuck in jail for 3 decades, when Casey, who's lied, and lied, and lied some more and doesn't seem to have one ounce of regret, gets to walk free.

I think that the whole world is disgusted with Florida's court system. I know that here, in Canada, we are!

website hosts free said...

she got associated with this kind of bad situation. please note ANTHONY FAMILY...your daughter killed your granddaughter. what evidence do you need thrown to you prior to deciding to all arise?

Anonymous said...

Just because Maya fessed up after the police were tipped off does not give her a free pass in my book. She killed someone. Someones child is dead. You guys are prasing this girl, who is a killer, and admitted she is. And condemning someone who you do not know the facts behind what actually happened. We do not know. I think it is good that Maya came forth finally, but it does not change the fact that she killed someone just as you are accussing Casey of doing. Wrong is wrong.

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DDMaven_com said...

Maya Derkovic is just a young stupid moron that does not know that her stupid little hands can't kill anyone. MMA has people tapping out all the time without a death and they don't even use their hands. You have to have real man hands and lots of work to kill someone. I think the movies show this could be possible but only in the movies. The other two guys did something and told her she did it. She can't even pronounce the word chloroform at 21? Anyone who believes this crap is a moron too.

metode de facut bani pe net papuk said...

I fell sorry for her.She is so beautiful.To bad!What a waste!

como vestir bebes said...

That is terrible.In what world we are living in?

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Maya. She was a child who chose the wrong path, and as she got older, matured, she regrets all that she did. She was remorseful as soon as it had happened, according to her mother, very distressed and crying all the time. She was pressured by the older, male members of her gang. Casey on the other hand, is free, and so happy in herself that she got away with murdering her 2 year old baby. An adult killing a child, her own child. Casey has no remorse, never did, but she's free and Maya has to spend 30 years inside. Of course Maya should serve her time, as she agrees and wants to do herself. But for Casey to be free?? Something is direly wrong in Florida's court systems and laws. The prosecution should have taken the risk of letting Maya talk during Casey's trial.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Maya. She was a child who chose the wrong path, and as she got older, matured, she regrets all that she did. She was remorseful as soon as it had happened, according to her mother, very distressed and crying all the time. She was pressured by the older, male members of her gang. Casey on the other hand, is free, and so happy in herself that she got away with murdering her 2 year old baby. An adult killing a child, her own child. Casey has no remorse, never did, but she's free and Maya has to spend 30 years inside. Of course Maya should serve her time, as she agrees and wants to do herself. But for Casey to be free?? Something is direly wrong in Florida's court systems and laws. The prosecution should have taken the risk of letting Maya talk during Casey's trial.

tutul bd said...

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Cat Slash said...

not only white trash, but eastern white euro-trash to boot. you know she was a craigslist and back page whore in orlando too.

Anonymous said...

Coming from jackies best childhood friend. This women "Maya" makes me sick. Everybody has choices and that was hers I hope it eats at her everyday she breathes. All of you can sit back and give her credit for confessing but let that happen to your daughter or sister or bestfriend and then see stupid post like these and see how well it settles. Nobody on here went to church with jackie every sunday or held her mother when she found out her baby was washed up in a nasty pond. So please if you want to "forgive" maya (even though she did nothing to personally effect anyone of you) please write this women, not make posts where jackies family and friends have to read it.

Anonymous said...

The bible says One Sin is no better then the other , they are all sins .. We have all sinned we cant judge this is between her and the god above, She has confessed and realized her wrongs and is paying for her sentence.. What she did was wrong and I don't agree with murder and believe she deserves what she got u don't take anothers life...but I see a changed mature grown women who accepted responsibility for her actions . If god above can forgive her then why cant we? to god murder is no different then telling a lie or stealing etc.. each and every one of us sin and we have to ask for forgiveness and turn away from it.... once finding god he can change the ugliest of evil in to a beaming ray of light ...look at Carla fay tucker for exp.

I think she did the right thing she doesn't want to go to bed wondering if I had said what I knew would that make a difference in caseys trial.. She didn't want that on her She gave Casey the opportunity to go forward with the truth but casey never did and she seen that so she did the right thing, and took a chance knowing she would get bashed by pppl and known as a snitch she didn't care, she wanted to do the right thing lets face it Casey didn't she is cold as ice inside and no feelings of remorse The way I figure it is if she can kill her own daughter and not shed a tear she and get away with it, she s evil enough that she will hurt somebody else lets hope not tho lets hope that another innociant soul loses there life bc of the justice system freeing a murder, What she did will eventually catch up to her and next time she wont b so lucky.... Does anybody know what prison she is in (Meya)? Id like to write her a letter ? My heart certainly goes out to the victoms family this is a sad thing bc no matter what sentence she serves the victom will never get another chance at life Once u take a persons life u cant go back so remember that ppl Don't kill, Nobody wins If I could have one wish on this earth Id ask for the evil that dwells on this earth to be gone but as long as satan rules this earth there will always be evil and darkness u just cant trust anybody its scary when u think about it and sensless satan works at that person who has no god n makes them more bitter and angry and evil until the point they have no love in there hearts for anybody just hate and gets them to this point he uses them .. Hopefully her story will stop others from doing the same thing hopefully something good can come out of the victoms lost life :,(

Anonymous said...

Also To the poor victoms family/friends jesus says that if you don't forgive who hurt u , he will not forgive your sins on that day of judgment ..not forgiving and holding bitterness only creates a hateful biteer person u cant have god and hold anger and resentment instead give that pain to god and as hard as it may be express that u forgive that person by not forgiving your only hurting yourself... I cant say how id feel your right but Id know that no matter how angry n bitter I was I would have to forgive that person and pray for them it has to be the ABSOLUTE hardest thing on this earth to ever do but at least that's on maya now not u. & Im so sorry for what happened

Anonymous said...

I know maya and she regrets everyday of wat she did.. she is one of the beautiful gold hearted people that need a second chance to live..

Anonymous said...

Of ALL of the words we are Privy to in the English language ANGEL was always given to Jackie ALWAYS. Lisa...you know...words are a nuisance. I Love knowing the reality of YOU as Jackie's Mother. Why those -physical manifests- warranted Our Jackie..... I am becoming more successful in acknowledging a "God's Plan." We're Special, Lisa. You were chosen to be her Mother & I got to and know an Angel would call Me? Talk to Me? I made an Angel smile

Anonymous said...

It's (fill in the blank) that it required REQUIRED Jackie's murder for her to get her "Golden Heart", congratulations. What might her children require? Just tell us now so another Mother won't have to speak the words autopsy, murdered &found her body in order to become golden hearted

mandy said...

Maya is a beautiful and wonderful woman. For those of you who wish to judge her, I am sorry. I met her within those walls and she is a different woman than the young girl who killed her friend. She is paying her debt to society, but believe that the pain of forgiving herself is more than any prison could do. Find forgiveness people...it's the only thing that sets you free. She taught me that.

Anonymous said...

Your "forgiveness lesson" required an autopsy, Mother's tears, absence of Jackie's smile, presence, hope of hugging her children & lifelong ache? Congratulations!!! Beautiful & wonderful.... that's what Jackie IS. Her murderers? Debt paid/ different, killed her friend How do you type that? When Jackie is different less Dead, paid her debt of not knowing the absence of God in her murderers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and the two black skid marks that held down this poor girls arms..not just two black skid marks but two black car jacking baby killen prositute loven crack ssmoken skid marks.

Anonymous said...

SO sorry for Jackie's family. I worked on Joan's Law for 4 years and saw the pain of a mother who has lost a murdered child. NOTHING takes the pain away. Somehow, I hope that Jackie's mother can find it in her heart to forgive Maya. Just saw Maya's interviews and can't believe that is the same person that killed Jackie. Willing to do her time and take responsibility? Let those without sin cast the first stone. What more can she do? She has faced her crime and now is doing her punishment here on earth. No one can climb inside another's head and determine their motivations. Hope Maya's are sincere IMHO.

Anonymous said...

is that really what you got from this? She didn't kill her for a book. The killings took place, then the book idea came after