Thursday, October 4, 2007

Police arrest suspect in 4 rape cases

Fred Lucius Jr. already faces charges in 1 of the 4, an incident last weekend.
Bianca Prieto

Sentinel Staff Writer

October 4, 2007

An Orlando man accused of tying up, gagging and raping a woman during the weekend was arrested Wednesday, and police are calling him a suspect in at least three other cases, police said.

Fred Lucius Jr., 25, is facing several felony charges, including kidnapping, aggravated assault and impersonating a police officer. In the latest case, a suspect pretended to arrest his victim for solicitation after leading her into a vacant apartment.

Authorities said they suspect there could be more cases than the four they know about. They urge any additional victims to call 407-246-2425 and arrange to make a report.

In the weekend case, a woman told officers that she agreed to meet with a man around 10 p.m. Saturday at his apartment to get to know him, but not to have sex with him. When she arrived, she said, the man took her into the empty apartment through a sliding glass door.

According to an affidavit, the following took place:

The man forced the woman into a bedroom, put a gag in her mouth and a hood over her head and shackled her feet. He told her he wouldn't kill her as long as she did as she was told. The attacker then beat her with a leather stick and raped her.

During the incident, the victim's phone rang. The attacker forced her to answer it and tell her friend, who was calling to check on her, that she and the man were eating at a restaurant together and she was fine.

The man let her go after she started to have an anxiety attack, the document said.

Port Orange and Orlando police departments worked together and arrested Lucius, identifying him as a suspect in three other sexual assaults.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Lucius has a rap sheet that dates back to 2000 and includes 15 arrests for crimes such as driving without a license and prowling.

Lucius was being held at the Orange County Jail without bail.

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Anonymous said...

They neglected to inforn you he was under house arrest when these supposed rapes took place and hasn't been to a bar in quite some time. She messeged him wanting such an evening of "rape play" and messeged him the next day saying what a great time she had.

Anonymous said...

In this is only one instance out of the four that he is being charged with. Nice way to single one issue out. The "big picture" isn't this isolated event, as you blindly note, it is there are multiple females coming forward. It is a sad sad world when people automatically accuse a victim of lying. I hope you never have to be a victim everyone says is not telling the truth because only then will you know the hurt that surrounds a horrible situation like this.

Anonymous said...

See this link:

He has been arrested and convicted of raping a minor. He is scheduled for release in December of this year.

At the time of arrest he was making arrangements to meet with a mother and daughter that was 13 to have sex acts take place. Please be very aware of this sick man and keep him away from women and children.