Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BCSO: Inmate hangs himself

Man was arrested in Mexico Beach last week on sexual assault charges

By Tony Bridges


A Bay County Jail inmate who attempted suicide over the weekend has died.

Shawn J. Gomes, 45, hung himself with a bedsheet in the jail’s bathroom and was discovered early Saturday, according to Ruth Sasser, spokeswoman for the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

He was taken to Bay Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead Monday.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death. Gomes was not on a suicide watch in the jail, Sasser said Sunday.

Gomes was arrested last week and charged with sexually assaulting a Mexico Beach woman he had invited to his home.

After his arrest, sheriff’s investigators searched his home and discovered photos of several women in various stages of sexual activity. Some appeared to be unconscious.

The investigation into the photos will continue, Sasser said.

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Anonymous said...

I'm truly glad you suffered! You deserved to die a slow painful death. For what you did to me has scared me mentally and physically. I have a scar on my privates which is embarrassing for me to even consider sex with my husband. I flinch every time I get touched by someone. I can't sleep at night because I have nightmares about you! If I see a car that resembles the one you had, my heart races and I have a panic attack! I hope you suffered! I hope you rot in your grave with bugs crawling out of your eye sockets. You were a disgrace to human nature. You were so fake. One day I hope to make it to your grave so I can spit and dance on it. You waited for me to turn 18. Played to be my father figure, offered to get me back in school and was truly a back stabber to my mother. You told my mother I was OK and was spending the night....she knew then it was to late! You also told the cops I was walking down the street when you left my mothers house...if this is true...I was trying to get away! You also did this to my best friend! You are shit! You are disgusting! I hope you are the devils bitch till the end of time.