Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Save Thomas D. Arthur From Execution 12-06-2007

Everyone who is interested is saving an innocent person from execution

Created by:
Sherrie Stone Daughter of Thomas Arthur

We the undersigned are fighting for Thomas Arthur to be allowed DNA testing that could conclusively prove his innocence. We are asking that Alabama Governor Riley order DNA testing of evidence that includes blood, hair and semon was recovered and still exists, but it has never been tested!!! DNA testing of the evidence evidence can conclusively prove Thomas Arthur is innocent and was never at the crime scene, as he has proclaimed for 25 years. Yet the State of Alabama not only REFUSES to DNA test the crime scene evidence--but it is refusing to allow Arthur to have the evidence DNA tested at HIS EXPENSE!!! Is the State of Alabama refusing because they know Thomas Arthur is innocent--then it is not seeking to execute him---but to LEGALLY murder him. We are asking that Governor Riley allow Thomas Arthur a new trial so that he may present ALL of the evidence that can prove his innocence. There are two eye witnesses placing Arthur 75 miles away when crime was committed. The DNA evidence will prove if the two women found at the crime scene fired the weapon that shot the victim. It can prove Arthur did not have sex with Judy Wicker prior to the murder, it can prove blooded shirts might have another persons blood on it. The semen can be put in an FBI data base to se if another person could have committd this crime. No physical evidence links this man to the crime!!! 20 years on Death Row is a crime, but to be executed for a crime you are innocent of is something you will have on your conscience for ever Governor....Governor Riley, hear our voices , we demand the crime scene evidence be DNA tsted, and that you immediately order an investigation into this case by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. You can go to and see the circumstantial evidence and the DNA evidence from the court records. You decide which proves absolute innocence or guilt.

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