Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Morin Testifies In Trial Over Girlfriend's Father's Death

POSTED: 4:35 pm EDT April 23, 2007

UPDATED: 6:22 pm EDT April 23, 2007

SANFORD, Fla. -- Michael Morin faces the possibility of the death penalty in the death of his girlfriend's father.

Morin said his teenage girlfriend, Courtney Schulhoff, hated her father--because he was allegedly abusive to her -- so much that she plotted his death with her boyfriend Morin as the guy who would swing the softball bat as her father lay sleeping.

"She told me, I left a baseball bat out for you. And I was like, what's the baseball bat for? She's like, Well, just hit him,'" Morin said.

Morin told police he took the bat, walked into the apartment and the next thing he knows the bat has blood on it and he's washing his face.

"And she just asked me, 'Did you do it?' And she had a big smile on her face and I just wanted to puke," Morin said.

"All I could do is just sit there and regret what I had just done. Eating me up inside. I sat there and cried my eyes out, thinking what had just taken place," Morin said.

The defense said Morin’s testimony was all a cover for Schulhoff, that she did the deed.

She's expected to testify for the defense.


Anonymous said...

This man is clearly a liar and wanting his girlfriend to take the responsibility for something he did with his own hands. He deserves the death penalty!!!!

jdwestbroek said...

I am sure that Courtney Schulhoff did not want this to happen. If she provided the softball bat, why weren't her fingerprints found upon it? She took the blame to save Mr. Morin from the death penalty.She had no part in the actual killing. She deserves to be set free. I would be quite willing to adopt her and make her part of my family.She is more than welcome.

Anonymous said...

I think they both deserve to have their heads bashed in with a baseball bat.

amber said...

Are you guys serious?!?!?! This girl brainwashed that poor kid with the "poor me my daddy hits me bc I run up his credit cards" she had it planned. Hes a nut case!