Monday, May 7, 2007

Death Row Inmate to Have Re-sentencing

Reporter: Heather Waliga

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A Bay County death row inmate will get a new sentencing hearing Monday.

Roderick Michael Orme raped and strangled nurse Lisa Redd at Lee’s Motel in March 1992. Orme, a cocaine addict, knew the victim and called her to the motel to help him when he was having a "bad high."

Friday, the Florida Supreme Court decided Orme should have a new penalty phase.

The court says Orme's defense attorney should have investigated and presented evidence showing Orme was bipolar.

Orme could still get the death penalty, but the new penalty phase could also result in a life sentence instead.

He'll go before Circuit Judge Judy Pittman in a jury trial Monday morning at 9:00.

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Anonymous said...

Reading over this case, he shouldn't of been sentenced to death. He was clearly out of his mind when this murder took place, on his death bed in the hospital he was so worried about the women he even managed to write down the hotel number and name, doesn't sound like a monster that so many people have made him out to be. I don't know him or his family or the family of this young lady, but reading so many cases as I have he is not a monster, most people make bad choices in their life some end up like this but most end up with a happy ending. We are all human.