Thursday, May 31, 2007

Victim's Sister Forgives

By Angela Williams
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- In a cold courtroom, convicted murderer Michael Jackson is just feet from the families of the victims. Jean Clark says while sitting through the trial of her brother's murder case she focuses on his life.

"I believe the world has lost a really good couple of people here," says Clark.

A jury offers the death penalty as their recommendation for 24-year-old Jackson. While Jean is unsure what the final outcome should be, she offers forgiveness, something not everyone in the family has been able to do just yet.

"Yes I've forgiven him now whether the rest of them have, I wouldn't say all. Is the hurt still there, is the pain still there? Yes, but as far as not forgiving, no not on my part," says Clark.

It's been almost two years since she lost her brother. Through memories and pictures the family pushes on. In the courtroom what appears to be an unemotional killer sits before her eyes.

"You think about, he's really sitting right here, you know and you go through a lot of thought process that's normal through the natural mind but then you realize it takes somebody that really truly has problems to do something like this," says Clark.

Recently getting her doctorate in Christian Studies has helped her pull through the pain. This is something she's hoping to turn into strength for others.

"It actually ministered to me through my own courses and it more equipped me in respect, so it definitely helped me get through and hopefully help someone else," says Clark.

Michael Jackson was found guilty of robbery, kidnapping and first degree murder for the deaths of Reggie and Carol Sumner.

Back in July 2005, authorities found the Sumners' bodies in a shallow grave in Charlton County, Georgia. 24-year-old Tiffany Cole and 19-year-old Alan Wade are awaiting trial.

Bruce Nixon pleaded guilty last March and agreed to testify against Jackson and the other two suspects. Nixon faces 52 years to life in prison.

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