Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alan Dershowitz On The Martin Grossman Situation

Alan Dershowitz On The Martin Grossman Situation

Wednesday February 10, 2010 12:01 PM

Jewish-American legalist, Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz has weighed in on the
matter of Martin Grossman, a death-row inmate scheduled forexecution next
Tuesday. The following comments by Professor Dershowitz were obtained by

"Even those who strongly support capital punishment would limit it to
recidivists or people who commit the most heinous of crimes. Martin
Grossman fits neither of those categories. He does ?not belong on death row.
His crime, committed when he was a teenager, was unplanned, ?unpremeditated
and impulsive - the product of a serious mental illness, that can now be
proved ?by medical technology that was unavailable at the time of his

"He has been in prison ?for more than a quarter of a century, during which
time he has been a model prisoner who has ?shown great remorse for what he
did. All that he is seeking now is a 60-day postponement of his ?execution,
so that his supporters can martial the evidence and present his case for

"No ?one should be rushed to execution while doubts remain unresolved.
Justice demands that he be ?given the 60 days to prove that he does not
deserve to die at the hands of the state." ?
{Noam Newscenter}

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