Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Fight to Save Martin Continues

The Fight to Save Martin Continues
US Supreme Court denies the stay for Martin Grossman- But….Sources inside the Governors mansion have revealed that the intense pressure and media campaign to grant Martin Grossman a sixty- day stay of execution have caught the eye of the current Governor and those that wish to succeed him. Editorial Staff
30 Shvat 5770 (14.02.2010)
Because of YOUR calls, emails and faxes the clemency issue of Martin Grossman has been brought to the very top of the Governors list. The fight to save Martin continues with renewed hope.

New verified information just received indicates that members of the Florida Clemency board must now be contacted with the full force of our campaign.

The Clemency Board comprises of four people (one of them the Governor). The other three will need to sign off on anything that Mr. Crist can or would want to do, and believe it or not two of them are running for Governor!

We are pleading with all who are concerned about the life of Martin Grossman to contact ALL of the following individuals immediately.

Sources sympathetic to our cause from inside the Statehouse are urging the immediate outreach to the following individuals.

*Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum Republican candidate for Governor

(Now of the MOST important people to contact)
Main office Switchboard: 850-414-3300
Florida Toll Free: 1-866-966-7226
Fax Numbers

Capital Appeals – Tallahassee Office 850-487-0997
Civil Appeals Section – Tallahassee Office 850-488-4872
ADA Coordinator – Tallahassee Office 850-488-5106
Administrative Law – Tallahassee Office: 850-922-6425
Bill McCollum Campaign HQ:
Phone: (850) 241-1885

*Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. Democratic candidate for Governor

Phone: 850-413-3100
Fax: 850-413-4993
Campaign HQ:

*Charles Branson – Commissioner of Agriculture
Phone: (850) 488 – 3022
The Office of Executive Clemency
Toll Free: 1-800-435-8286
Phone: 850-488-2952
Fax: 850-488-0695

The clock is ticking….

The above listed are the other three members of the Florida clemency board that will need to sign off on everything that Mr. Crist wants to do. Remember that the Execution Date is set for Feb. 16, 6:00 PM EST this TUESDAY! therefore get to your computers, phones, faxes, especially those living in Florida, and calmly and respectfully make your plea.

Florida residents or those who spend significant time in Florida are asked to emphasize their Florida affiliation in their calls/emails.

We continue to remind you that all letters and calls should be polite pleas to the officials to take into account Mr. Grossman’s youth and impairment at the time of the crime and his good behavior and remorse in the years since. This is a humanitarian plea to save Martin’s life.

The request should be that Mr. Grossman be permitted to serve his debt to society by serving the rest of his life in prison.

Sign the petition to Governor Crist
Quote from attorney Alan M. Dershowitz
“Even those who strongly support capital punishment would limit it to recidivists or people who ‎commit the most heinous of crimes. Martin Grossman fits neither of those categories. He does ‎not belong on death row. His crime, committed when he was a teenager, was unplanned, ‎unpremeditated and impulsive—the product of a serious mental illness, that can now be proved ‎by medical technology that was unavailable at the time of his sentencing. He has been in prison ‎for more than a quarter of a century, during which time he has been a model prisoner who has ‎shown great remorse for what he did.

All that he is seeking now is a 60 day postponement of his ‎execution, so that his supporters can martial the evidence and present his case for clemency. No ‎one should be rushed to execution while doubts remain unresolved. Justice demands that he be ‎given the 60 days to prove that he does not deserve to die at the hands of the state.” ‎

Alan M. Dershowitz

Who will live….and who will die…..
Please continue to pray for
Martin Grossman
Michoel Yechiel ben Miriam Sorah

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